Welcome to the Landfall Sailing Club of Boston

Seas the Day Boat WarmingBoston Area Single Sailors!

Ahoy Sailors !

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Are you a sailor with a boat looking for crew?

Are you an experienced sailor looking for a boat to sail on?

We are a group of Boston area single sailors getting together to enjoy the sailing and marine related experiences that the New England Coast has to offer. We are located north and south of the metro Boston area. Many of us own boats but do not have regular crew to help us sail them. The rest are sailors without boats who are more than willing to help sail and get the boats ready to launch in the spring. Together we are a great team. The officers and other members hope you will join us for some great summer and winter educational experiences.

Landfall is much more than just a sailing club. It is a group of friends from all walks of life, who share a passion for sailing and the marine environment. The satisfactions gained and friendships made are in direct proportion to your participation and sharing of your boating skills.

We invite you to attend meetings, join a committee and experience our activities such as spring boat preparation, treks to boat shows, marine lectures and concerts, as well as dockside dinners, island charters and trips to area museums.

As Water Rat said in Kenneth Graham’s “Wind in the Willows” There is NOTHING—absolute nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Let the messing begin!!