In February, 2001, the Landfall Sailing Club was founded in Eastern Massachusetts to encourage and promote the sport of sailing
and seamanship for people over 35. The club seeks to bring together boat owners who need crew and people who know how and
like to sail, but don’t have boats. The emphasis is on enjoying the sport. Being active in the club offers the opportunity to increase
sailing skills and an awareness of the marine environment.

Peter Williams Bowl

Peter Williams, a former member of the Landfall Sailing Club has been memorialized with this award.  Peter was a member for many years who was known for his exceptional sailing skills, nautical knowledge and patience. He sailed throughout the northeast with many members of the club.  We present this award to the captain who exemplifies these traits which were consistently demonstrated by Peter over the years and we remember him each time this award is presented to one of our members.

Commodore’s Bowl

Annually, we present the silver Commodore’s Bowl to the member of the club who has contributed the most during the previous year.  We encourage participation in club activities, committees as well as at the monthly meetings.  The Commodore presents this award at the annual Caribbean party and it is customary for the recipient to bring the bowl full of candy to each of our meetings.

Below are the current and prior year Officers:       

  Commodore Vice Commodore Secretary Treasurer




Ken Yeager


Bob Burns

Alden Wells


Ellen Leder

Sandy Sutherland


Sandy Sutherland

Don McClellan


Jeanne Sebell

2017 Bob Burns Lee Grimes Sandy Sutherland Jeanne Sebell
2015-2016 Kenneth Yeager Bob Burns Liz Flint Kitty Elers
2013-2014 Laurie Scholl Kenneth Yeager Liz Flint Betty McIntyre
2011-2012 Sharon Browne Laurie Scholl Barbara Garran Tony Volk
2009-2010 Diana Decker Sharon Browne Ellen Leder  
2007-2008 Mary Kindle John Danielson    
2005-2006 Judy Erikson Anne Mozzone Betty Lewis Diane Metsisto
2003-2004 Anne Mozzone      
2001-2002 Donald Weaver      



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