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                  Welcome New Members!                

We are glad that you have decided to join Landfall Sailing Club.  We are a group of active and fun sailors getting together to enjoy sailing and other marine related experiences that the New England Coast has to offer.  We invite you to get involved by attending meetings, joining a committee and experiencing activities such as boat preparations, treks to boat shows, marine lectures, as well as dockside dinners, island charters and visits to area museums.

 The following information will be helpful:

  • Website Instructions

The tabs at the top of our home page lead you to links to most sections and the links on the right of the home page bring us to more information.

  • Sail Coordination Process
  1. Notify the Sail Coordinator by 9pm on Wednesday evening that you are available to crew on Saturday or Sunday
  2. Tell the Coordinator where and which day you can sail
  3. Captains will call you Thursday evening if they have space
  4. Sail Coordinator will call you if there is no availability
  5. If you must cancel, call Coordinator or captain as soon as possible
  6.  Do not bring any guests

The following topics are elaborated in the Membership Booklet which can be found by  a link on members page entitled “landfall club rules booklet” or in your New Members Packet.

  •  Roles and Expectations –  page 6 through 8 in Membership Booklet
  1. Crew – Crew assignments are based on captains calling for crew for a particular day and crew placements considerations. Crew is expected to aid in sailing and in maintaining the boats.  Members must successfully complete an approved basic boating safety course offered by USCG or USPS within 1 year.   Also you should have relevant sailing experience or have taken an on board sailing course.  How to prepare for a sail? Check out “When You Sail” in Membership Booklet.
  2. Boat Owners – Skippers are looking for crew with some experience in sailing and who will help in sailing and maintaining boats. The expectations of boat owners such as sail coordination and boat inspections are outlined under “Boat Owners” in Membership Booklet pages 8-9.
  • Yearly scheduling Information/Activities – page 10 in Membership Booklet
  1. Sailing– day, overnight/rendezvous and vacation sailing.
  2. Meetings -The club meetings are held monthly at a local restaurant during the 2nd week of the month. No meetings are held in April, August and December due to club parties
  3. Club Parties– Holiday party in December; Caribbean party in March or April, and Lobster bake in August.
  4. Other gatherings– Occasional pot luck dinners at members’ homes; Halloween Party in October; dinners at restaurants; trips to museums and boat shows.
  • Current activities and events see website  Events Calendar
  • Committee Information

The following are new committees not found in our Membership Booklet:

  1. Greeting Committee   This committee handles reception of members at the meetings
  2. Marketing Committee  This committee develops informational materials such as flyers and brochures and creates advertisements in sailing magazines.
  3. New Members Committee  This committee is responsible for welcoming new and prospective members, informing them about the club, and mentoring prospective members through the application process.
  4. Website Committee  This committee keeps the website current and user- friendly

More detailed description of each of our other well-established committees in Membership Booklet page 5

Club Officers  (2021)

  • Commodore:  Mary Kindle (mpkindle@gmail.com)
  • Vice Commodore:  Carol Edgeworth (edgeworthCarol@gmail.com)
  • Treasurer:  Don McLellan  (demclellan43@gmail.com)
  • Secretary:  Sandy Sutherland (sgs256@yahoo.com)
  • Founder:  Don Weaver 

Committee Chairpersons   (2021)

  • Speaker Committee:   Jeanne Sebell (jjseb@comcast.net
  • Events Committee:   Ellen Leder (eleder16@comcast.net)
  •                                       Sally Gillis (sally.gillis45@gmail.com)
  • Greeting Committee:        
  • Website Committee:   Laurie Wells (lawells1015@gmail.com)
  • Marketing Committee:                                                   
  • New Members Committee:    Randy Adams (adamsrm50@comcast.net
  • Sailing Coordinator:       
  • Photographer:  Paul Ware (ware.paul49@yahoo.com)

 Officers  Information To see duties of officers see Membership  Booklet page 4

 *******See Members page for photos of officers and committee chairs*********

                                                                                    Fun times with LSC



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